Reptiles have been around for 300 million years, including during the age of the dinosaurs. About 6,500 species of reptiles still live today. For example, reptiles would include crocodiles, snakes, lizards, and turtles. Most reptiles live on land, and most reptiles reproduce offspring through external fertilization, known as laying eggs. Reptiles are vertebrates, and, unlike most other animals, are covered in scales. In addition, they are cold-blooded creatures that breathe using lungs, and regulate their body temperature by seeking or avoiding the sun’s heat. Furthermore, there are some species of reptiles protected by law, such as species of tortoises, salamanders, and rattlesnakes. Why do you think that these species of reptiles would need to be protected by law? Also, how could a decrease in the reptile population affect other animal species? Give some other examples of reptiles.






  1. kylien Said:

    I think these species would need to be protected by law so that people don’t take advantage of them and start to kill them, or bring them home as pets. A decrease in teh reptile population could affect other animal species because of the circle of life. If the reptiles start dying then animals that rely on them for food will start to die aswell.

  2. I think its great more and more people these days are taking an interest in repriles, i hope that will help gain awareness and help protect these creatures.

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